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We offer advanced orthodontic solutions for both children and adults whose bite needs to be corrected and/or teeth aligned in order to create a well-aligned and beautiful smile.

Our orthodontics specialist has many years of experience and advanced education in this field to enable him to offer a solution for every situation and use the latest technology in his field.

It is recommended that all children see an orthodontist at age 7. Bite problems usually occur between 7 and 11. However it does not mean that an adult can’t have braces, nowadays there are many cosmetic orthodontic solutions for adults. 

We offer the following cosmetic orthodontic solutions:


An Alternative to Traditional Braces.

Clear Braces is another great alternative to braces that straighten your teeth while retaining your confidence delivering results while keeping you comfortable. Most patients use clear braces to resolve bite, spacing, and crowding issues, all without metal brackets or wires. And at Perfect Smile Dental Center, we use clear braces for patients seeking a convenient, virtually invisible way to improve their smile.


Clear braces deliver several distinct benefits

Nearly Invisible – clear braces promise just that – nearly invisible alignment as they match the colour of the teeth and blend in, thus are less noticeable


Completely Removable – Because you can remove clear braces, you can eat, brush, and floss easily. This makes it simple to keep your smile looking great as you resolve alignment issues!


Improve Overall Oral Health – Straight teeth aren’t just beautiful; they’re beneficial from an oral health perspective as well. In fact, straight teeth can improve gum health, chewing, speech, and remove pressure from supporting bone and jaw joints.

Limited Dental Visits – New aligners are necessary every 4 to 6 weeks, meaning you spend less time at the dentist.

Types Of Orthodontics

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