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Dr. Shady Samir has a very wide experience in root canal treatment since 2007 and has accomplished his Master’ studies in that specification since 2011. Dr. Shady is very expert in the tiny details that can make a complicated case a simple case in his hands.


Do you have a tooth infection that doesn’t go away with medication? 


Tooth infection is a commonly occurring dental problem that may require a comprehensive procedure like a root canal. In most cases, root canal treatment is performed to clear out the infection in the root of the tooth to eliminate the pain associated with the infection and to preserve the tooth structure form further harm. Lack of treatment can damage the root and become the cause of a bigger tooth problem that may require surgery. At The Perfect Smile Dental Center, Dr. Shady Samir understands the underlying problems with a tooth infection and how they can become serious problems. We help patients get a permanent relief from pain associated with infection and any other forms of tooth issues that may require root clearing.

If you find yourself in a situation where decay has reached the nerves of a tooth, there’s no need to worry. Instead, you can have peace of mind turning to The Perfect Smile Dental Center and our advanced root canal therapy techniques.

If there are any negative words associated with root canals that individuals read most when it comes to dental care, pain and expensive are those words. But at The Perfect Smile Dental Center, we seek to turn even this intensive dental procedure into one that promotes relaxation and comfort while remaining cost-effective.

Our preventive approach is designed to proactively monitor decay during checkups every 6 months. By doing so, we can prevent tooth decay from reaching the roots to preserve your smile.

We understand that our treatments are as good as our expertise and the technology we use. As such, we’ve invested in several cutting-edge materials to ensure you remain comfortable and relaxed while enjoying superior results.

Just some of our technology includes Protaper Rotary Treatment and apex locator, both of which reduce appointment times and promise you superior treatment outcomes.


 At The Perfect Smile Dental Center, we ensure each element of our treatment works in your favour.


Our root canal therapy treatments are characterized by our:

Attention to Detail – We complete all endodontic work under magnification to guarantee precision.

Commitment to Cleanliness – All equipment and materials used during your procedure is 100% sterile and is disposed of at the end of your treatment



If you’re in pain and are nervous to undergo root canal therapy, you aren’t alone. But when you choose The Perfect Smile Dental Center for your needs, you can be confident knowing we offer the technology, cost-effectiveness, compassion, and comfortable environment designed to optimize your health and experience at the dentist. 


Sometimes your dentist may prescribe a pain-killer or an anti-inflammatory for you after your session.


To discuss our treatment options further or to schedule a consultation at our locations in Heliopolis, Cairo, contact us or call on 0122-227-6222. We look forward to providing the guidance and support you need!

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