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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Prevent Decay, Infection, and Misalignment


Wisdom teeth removal is a confusing topic for a lot of individuals. After all, they cause problems for some whereas, for others, wisdom teeth never cause any pain, alignment issues, or other oral health complications.

At The Perfect Smile Dental Center, we understand that wisdom teeth removal is a complicated subject. We approach each patient with a caring, educational approach to ensure you understand why you may need your teeth removed, what the process is like, and how we can help make it as comfortable as possible.

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 23 although some individuals will have teeth that never emerge from the gums. The teeth are located in the back of the mouth and are commonly referred to as “third molars.”

Often, pain results when bacteria begin to build up around the teeth or because there isn’t enough space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to emerge. This will cause them to become “impacted,” meaning they cannot escape your gums, and may cause infection below the gum line.

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Pain tends to come and go for wisdom teeth, leading many to believe that the pain has resolved itself only to find a few weeks later that the pain has returned. This means that no matter when you experience pain, you must visit a professional dentist near you.


At The Perfect Smile Dental Center, we conduct x-rays and a full assessment of your situation to determine whether or not you must have your wisdom teeth removed. You may be advised to take an antibiotic and/or a pain-killer if you have an infection.



If your wisdom tooth is not fully shown inside your mouth and started causing you pain, or started to hurt the neighbouring tooth, then do not hesitate to visit The Perfect Smile Dental Center to seek help.


To discuss our treatment options further or to schedule a consultation at our locations in Heliopolis, Cairo, contact us or call on 0122-227-6222. We look forward to providing the guidance and support you need!

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