• جهازالسيريك
    • Have you ever heard of the Cerec device or the CADCAM technology? CAD / CAM stands for computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing, and it means computer aided design and manufacture of dental prostheses. Diploma in Executive Management, The American University in Cairo, 2013

      At Dr. Shadi Samir Center, we provide the CEREC device that works with CAD-CAM technology, as this device is used to make your own dental fixtures in less than an hour and is used in the design of crowns, crowns, ceramic fillings, fixed bridges, veneers and others. This device made a breakthrough in the world of dental prostheses as what distinguishes it most from the fixtures in the laboratory is the infinite accuracy and speed of performance.

      The most important characteristic of the Cerec device is that you can receive your composition on the same day. This device provided the procedures for making fixtures, especially taking the sizes, because taking the normal measurements is by making a model that perfectly matches the teeth and then sending it to the laboratory to make it, as for this device, we can take the measurements through a digital camera High precision, which makes the resulting formula extremely accurate, so it does not cause leaks, unpleasant odors, or food attachment to it


  • الأشعة السينية
    • Digital X-ray (sensor) Patients' fear at present is radiation exposure. Digital radiography usually reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more than radiographs

      This means that we care about your safety and well-being. With digital images of the solid sensor, the time from exposure of the sensor to radiation and display of digital images is reduced. Just press the exposure button of the x-ray machine

      The high-quality digital image appears on a computer screen and helps the dentist in educating the patient while discussing the displayed images, rather than on a display box.

  • تحديد اللون
    • (Vita easyshade V) Color Detector This amazing technology allows for easy color identification in veneers / fillings.

      The color selection method is digital, simple, and provides highly reliable measurements in a matter of seconds

      . You can comfortably trust that your new crown, veneers or filling will accurately match the color of your natural teeth.

  • جهاز البانوراما
    • A three dimensional (3D) dental x-ray scan captures the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues. ... it usually provides bone and tooth details.

      Cone beam  uses a very small dose of radiation and can be used to plan treatment of dentures, braces, extractions, and implants.

      This x-ray does not require special preparation. Inform your doctor if there is a possibility of pregnancy. Remove any jewelry, glasses, or metal objects that might interfere with the X-ray images.

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