Crown and bridge

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What are dental bridges?
Bridges are the traditional and approved way to replace missing teeth. While the process of installing bridges on casting a specific material, with the aim of filling the area left by a missing tooth, and after completing the casting process, the dentist installs the bridge between two or more teeth in the mouth, which are called abutments.

Crowns and bridges are generally one of the fixed devices that can only be removed by a dentist, but there are a certain number of removable bridges that users can remove and clean permanently.

Types of dental bridges?

Cantilever bridge: fixing a crown to only one adjacent tooth.

Maryland bridges: fixation of a crown with two small wings to adjacent teeth.

Movable dental bridges: removable.

Crown supported bridges: It makes up one to three teeth with one extended bridge.

Implant supported bridges: during which a bridge is installed over the implant.

What are the goals of dental crowns and bridges?
Get back your bright smile.

Restore the ability to chew and speak properly.

Prevent the remaining teeth from deviating.

Are dental crowns and bridges right for you?
Yes, if you want to cover deformed or broken teeth or want to restore lost teeth in an aesthetic and inexpensive way, bridges and dental crowns may be the best solution for you.

How is the procedure done?
Dental crowns or bridges are installed in several stages, the most important of which are:

The first stage
The first stage involves recoloring the adjacent teeth by removing a portion of the enamel to make room for the crown to fit over.

The second phase
The dentist takes an impression of the teeth, to send it to the laboratory, who in turn designs the tooth from zircon or porcelain, taking into account the matching of the color and shape of the crown with the teeth that the patient has.

third level
The doctor installs the crown or bridge and supports it over the nearby teeth, and then the doctor shades the bridge or crown to match the natural shape of the existing teeth.

Results of installing dental bridges or crowns
Filling the gaps in the patient's smile.

Improving the overall appearance of the mouth by standardizing the teeth.

Improve speech and articulation.

Correcting chewing and swallowing problems.

Raise the level of self-confidence.

Improve overall oral health.

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