Hollywood smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic procedure aimed at achieving symmetrical white teeth that appear gorgeous and perfect when you smile. She is the one whose name was inspired by Hollywood stars and they are among the first people to get this smile

Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic procedure aimed at obtaining symmetrical white teeth that appear gorgeous and perfect when you smile. She is the one who took inspiration from her name from Hollywood stars and they are among the first people to get this smile. This procedure includes redesigning the smile to suit each person based on the shape of the face and skin color, by sticking artificial teeth (in the form of porcelain scales) over the natural teeth, which conceals the defects of natural teeth and gives them the perfect appearance.

Is Hollywood Smile Right For Me?

Perhaps one of the most prominent features of a Hollywood smile is that it is suitable for almost everyone, whatever the shape of your teeth or the problems you suffer from and cause you frustration and lack of self-confidence, the Hollywood smile will help you eliminate it. For example, if you suffer from yellowing of the teeth, stains, worn teeth, chipped teeth, and teeth that are asymmetric in size or color. The Hollywood smile will give you a perfect, gorgeous look, as if these veneers were your original teeth.

Information about the peels used on a Hollywood smile

It is important for you to know some important facts about the veneers used in Hollywood Smile that will help you become familiar with the topic:

Veneers are the most popular and most used type among doctors and medical centers, but for this type of veneers to be installed, a thin layer of tooth enamel must be removed, and then the veneers are affixed.

Limonene veneers are the second type of veneers used, which are very similar to veneers but differ from them in that they can be applied without filing or removing the enamel layer, and they are an ideal choice for those who do not want to sacrifice the natural appearance of their teeth.

The veneers used in a Hollywood smile usually last between 10 and 12 years, after which they are replaced.

You should not neglect brushing the teeth by regular methods such as brushing or flossing, and this is despite it being not affected by external factors such as food and drink.

The color that is chosen for veneers will not be subject to change after installation, so it is important that the color be chosen carefully and carefully.

The peels may fall off in rare cases, so it is important to avoid some habits such as: using teeth to open cans or bottles, biting nails.

Advantages of getting a Hollywood smile

Many people continued to suffer for long periods of their lives from various dental problems without reaching a cure-all solution, until a Hollywood smile appeared, which restored hope to many people, which they considered as a lifeline to get rid of such problems. It comes with many advantages, including:

* Give teeth the pearl white color that anyone would want.

* Get rid of dental defects such as yellowing, cracking and stains forever.

* Filling the spaces between the teeth, which may bother many people.

* Enhancing self-confidence and a desire to mix and socialize again.

* Adjust the gum line and correct uneven teeth.

* Ensure that new teeth do not yellow or change color again.

The procedures for installing a Hollywood smile contain several steps, which we mention as follows:

Initial visit to the dentist to examine the teeth, and if there are specific problems, they need initial treatment, such as tooth decay or gum problems, before applying the Hollywood Smile procedure.

Treat the problems discovered to ensure the best result.

In this step, dental and jaw measurements are taken accurately by placing a mold inside the patient's mouth and asking him to bite it to leave his teeth imprint on the mold.

Determining the degree of color of the new teeth, and this is through the doctor showing the color tones to the patient and he must choose the appropriate shade for him, taking into account the color of his skin and the color being highly natural and in line with his skin.

Preparing dental veneers in the laboratory, and this is after the appropriate color and material used in the manufacture of veneers have been determined, whether it is veneer or lemonade.

Before the final fitting process, the doctor performs an initial test of the manufactured teeth by placing them on the patient’s teeth to see how fit the patient is, and whether they need any modification before the final fitting.

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